The Path of the Mindful Teacher

The Path of the Mindful Teacher

How to choose calm over chaos and serenity over stress, one step at a time

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In The Path of the Mindful Teacher, Danielle A. Nuhfer introduces educators to a process that will help them positively manage stress, find work-life balance, lessen symptoms of burnout, and increase classroom job satisfaction. Teachers walking this path will be able to determine their own needs and the needs of their students, so they can successfully and sustainably do one of the most important jobs in the world: teaching the future of our planet. 

Drawing on Danielle’s experience as a teacher, mindfulness practitioner, and teacher wellness coach, The Path of the Mindful Teacher will: 

• Explain the basics of mindfulness and how it can inform teaching practice. 

• Illustrate a simple step-by-step path that will help teachers choose calm over chaos and serenity over stress. 

• Provide ways to integrate mindfulness practice into the classroom and beyond. 

• Offer mindfulness activities that can be adapted to an individual teacher’s needs. 

• Present tools to balance the ever-changing landscape of teaching. 

The Path of the Mindful Teacher: In the News

A Lancaster County educator is addressing, and hoping to offer solutions, to an issue that those in the classroom have faced long before the Coronavirus pandemic.

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About Danielle A. Nuhfer

Danielle A. Nuhfer, M.Ed. has been teaching for 20 years, studying mindfulness for 10, and combining those fields for five. She is the founder of Teaching Well ( As an ICF-certified coach and Mindful Schools instructor, Danielle provides teacher wellness coaching and other services to time-crunched teachers trying to find time for self-care. The Path of the Mindful Teacher is her first book. Danielle lives on a small urban homestead in Pennsylvania, US, with her husband, two young sons, dog, rabbit, and lots of honey bees. 


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